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Brand Identity is Important

Every company has a logo, without a logo you will not easily have a recognition point as a company or organization. A logo can be a graphic symbol or one consisting of text formatted in a specific way. A combination of such a symbol and text is also possible.

If a logo only consists of text that is formatted in a certain way, we call it a wordmark. We call a logo a figurative mark if it consists of an emblem, image, letter, brand, seal, monogram, or mascot. A logo is, therefore, easier to recognize if you quickly look over it and it lingers longer. You can also combine a logo and a wordmark.

A logo is also a very important part of the corporate identity of your company or organization.

The logo has a certain character that you create through your use of color, white spaces, shapes, and typographic choices. The logo often has to reinforce the word mark and can therefore also correspond. For example, the Apple brand has an apple as its logo. However, this is not always necessary. The NOS, for example, has an image that you cannot immediately see that it is a broadcaster.

A logo can consist of an emblem, image, letter, brand, seal, monogram, or mascot.

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