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What is email marketing?

The very first marketing email was sent in 1978 and generated $ 13 million in sales. Email marketing is still a high-performing online marketing channel, despite the rise of social media and various online advertising opportunities. But you will only achieve your KPIs if you use the resources properly. And that means you ask the question, “What is email marketing?” must be able to answer correctly.

Email marketing is not about sending newsletters. Or as some call it: sending spam. This is the definition that describes well what email marketing is: “Email marketing includes all forms of email marketing. The best-known form is sending informative newsletters and product mailings. Automatic e-mail campaigns are also included. ”

Why should you get started with email marketing?

Email marketing is the way to go if you want to increase the loyalty of your readers, collect new leads, or just want to sell more to your existing customers. Besides, this channel has always been one of the best converting online marketing channels for companies that have taken serious e-mail marketing.

Email marketing is also relatively inexpensive. Shipping costs, competition against which you have to bid for a good position, production costs; they don’t exist. Email marketing has, on average, the highest ROI (Return on Investment) of all online marketing channels.

What is your goal with email marketing?

Now that you know what email marketing is and what the email funnel looks like, you determine the goal. There are four different goals: to inspire, inform, sell, or increase loyalty. The different goals will bring you to different types of email campaigns.

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